Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wedding profiled by Junebug

My wife and I recently celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. Around the same time, we were approached by Junebug Weddings -- a wedding blog and planning service based in Seattle -- Wedding Pictureto have our wedding featured in the "Real Weddings" portion of their blog. After we agreed to do this, they called us up and chatted with us over the phone about the planning of the day, our most prominent memories, and a bit about our story. While we were surprised by some of the details we had forgotten already, we enjoyed the trip down memory lane and the chance to relive our wedding day once again.

Junebug published the post yesterday. You can check out our "real weddings" profile on the Junebug site, as well as our entry on the "what Junebug loves" blog. As you browse through the pictures (photos taken by Joey Hong), note that my wife deserves all the credit for the aesthetic qualities of our wedding -- she did an amazing job planning it. And she looked absolutely stunning walking down the aisle.

I will, however, claim advanced credit for writing a song about our wedding day -- Song #2 on the new album. Although I wrote the song last summer, I haven't recorded it yet... so you'll have to take my word on this for now!