Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quiet plodding

Since my last post, so much has happened. The economy took a dive, the elections occurred, the holidays came and went, 2009 kicked off, and our new president took office. My personal life has been tainted with unexpected losses, yet buoyed by eager expectations and anticipation.

Through it all, the writing and music making has been progressing quietly in the background. My home studio has been taken down to make way for additional space that we need, so the recording has come to a halt. But I've managed to find some time to write a couple of new songs and to continue practicing some others. Until I find some where else to set the studio up, I'll keep chipping away on the remaining songs in the works and learning to play them. Then, when I do get the studio set up, hopefully the recording will go much more smoothly. That's the plan, anyway.

Oh and thanks to those of you who sent me feedback on Somethin' American. It's always great to hear insightful comments from you and to feel your continued support!