Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good-bye WordPress, Hello Blogger

After using WordPress for a couple of years, I've made the switch to Blogger (Full disclosure: I work for the company that owns Blogger). I chose WordPress at first because I liked how customizable it was:  the comment field fit the same theme as the rest of the blog, there was no visible header, and I could configure my blog as an artist web site complete with separate pages for my music, bio, videos, and more.

Since then, however, I've gotten much more familiar with Blogger.  What finally prompted the switch was the ability to easily add gadgets, like Twitter, YouTube, Friend Connect, and Facebook to my blog.  I'm sure I can do this with WordPress, but Blogger just makes it so easy.  It was harder for me, personally, to maintain my WordPress blog and to keep it current.  And, given some security vulnerabilities of WordPress that others have noted, I decided that I should just let Blogger do the heavy infrastructural lifting for me.

Switching to Blogger was pretty straightforward.  The only tricky part was that I had to use an export file conversion utility in order to import my past posts into Blogger.  On some posts, there are still some pictures that are missing and that I need to reformat, but otherwise the content has been transferred.  With this new blog format, I've added my Twitter feed and links to my YouTube channel and Facebook page so that the content I'm generating on different services is now easily viewable on one site:

Finally, I do realize that I've been quiet for much of this year.  I'll provide more of an update on a future post.