Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sun's Rain: a new song about Loss and Hope

It seems there's been a lot of suffering in the world, recently, from disasters of varying causality and proximity.  Like the earthquake in Japan, and so on.

When I was younger, I would only read or experience art and media about disasters that typically struck elsewhere in the world, impacting people I did not know.  But every year that goes by, unspeakable suffering has found its way closer and closer, having now touched people that I know well.

This song is dedicated anyone who has ever lost someone close.  Every now and then, it rains but the sun is out.  This song is for anyone who knows what it's like to feel as though the rain falls only on you, while the rest of the world moves on.

This was not an easy song to write.  But making music is an important outlet that helps me reflect, understand, mourn, and express.  I set a goal to finish this song by the end of Lent, and so here it is.  Happy Easter.

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